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£1225 Compensation Paid For Road Traffic Accident On M6 Southbound

A 46 year old HGV Driver from Clayton was injured in a road traffic accident whilst travelling on the M6 Southbound.  He was driving in the first lane between Junctions 24 and 25 when his car was clipped by another vehicle, causing his car to roll and eventually come to a stop on its roof.  Luckily he managed to escape with relatively minor injuries. 

He approached Leonie Millard who agreed to act on a ‘No Win No Fee’ basis.  She secured an admission of liability from the Defendant’s insurers, although this was not easily come by and it took a lot of perseverance by Mrs Millard.  She then referred her client to an independent medical expert who assessed his injuries so that Mrs Millard could value his claim.  He was diagnosed as suffering from an initial period of shock which lasted for 5 days, as well as an aggravation to his lower back condition.  It was estimated that he would be fully recovered within 6 weeks of the accident.  On this basis his claim was settled for £1225.