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£2,000 Compensation Paid For Road Traffic Accident in Oswaldtwistle

A 25 year old driver from Oswaldtwistle was injured in a car accident in Accrington. 

He was travelling along Little Blackburn Road, outside of Argos, when a van emerged from a side road and into collision with his car.  As a result of the accident he suffered from whiplash to his neck as well as a soft tissue injury to his lower back.  He was unable to work for a couple of weeks and so was paid only basis sick wage.  

In view of this, he decided to make a claim for compensation and approached Sara Linford who agreed to act on a ‘No Win No Fee’ basis.  Mrs Linford referred her client to an independent medical expert who found that whilst the whiplash injury had resolved within 4 weeks of the accident, the lower back injury would take up to 11 months to fully recover. 

It was on this basis that Mrs Linford was able to value her client’s claim and secure him £2000 in compensation for his injuries, as well as reimbursement for his loss of earnings in the sum of £694.11.  Mrs Linford’s fees were paid by the Defendant’s insurers because of the ‘No Win No Fee’ agreement.