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£2020 Awarded To Driver Who Was Stationary When Hit From Behind

A 51 year old housewife from Darwen was injured in a road traffic accident on the A56 at the junction with Grane Road. 

She was stationary waiting to emerge when a sliver Nissan Micra failed to stop and collided with the rear of her vehicle.  As a result of the collision she suffered from psychological upset in the form of anxiety whilst driving, as well as whiplash to her neck. 

She wanted to make a claim for compensation and so approached Leonie Millard who agreed to act on a ‘No Win No Fee’ basis.  Mrs Millard secured an admission of liability from the Defendants insurers and then referred her to client to an independent medical expert. 

The expert estimated that she would be fully recovered within 8 months of the accident.  On this basis Mrs Millard was able to settle her clients claim for £2020, as well as £605 to cover the cost of physiotherapy treatment.  Because of the ‘No Win No Fee’ agreement, Mrs Millard’s fees were also paid by the Defendants insurers.