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£2,500 Clinical Negligence Paid To 19 Year Old Girl

A 19 year old legal secretary from Great Harwood made a claim for compensation after a delay in referral for appropriate treatment by her GP.  During childbirth she suffered a third degree tear which became infected and was treated by antibiotics.  She then attended her GP on a number of occasions over a period of 10 months complaining of pain when attempting intercourse with her partner.  She was subsequently referred to a psycho-sexual therapist, as her GP felt that the symptoms were psychological rather than anything being physically wrong.  

Eventually, after the problem did not resolve, she was referred to a Gynecologist who performed a Fenton Procedure to remove scar tissue which had been found to be the cause of her pain.  As a result of the delay in referral to the Gynecologist she had to abstain from sex for a period of 16 months, which put a mental and physical strain on her relationship. 

She approached Sara Linford who took the case on a ‘No Win No Fee’ basis.  Unfortunately, despite Mrs Linford’s persistence she was unable to secure an admission of liability from the Medical Protection Society, who acted on behalf of the GP.  They did however make an offer of £2,500 as a gesture of good will which Mrs Linford’s client was happy to accept.