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£2500 Compensation Paid To Driver After Being Hit By Wood From The Vehicle In Front

A 30 year old shop fitter from Baxenden was injured in a road traffic accident on the M65, whilst on his way to Liverpool in a hire van.  A van travelling in front of him was carrying a load of plywood.  A piece of the wood dropped off and he had to swerve to avoid it, but was unable to do so.  The van carrying the plywood failed to stop and so the police were called.  They managed to trace the van and obtain his insurance details. 

As a result of the accident he suffered a number of injuries and so approached Sara Linford who took the case on a ‘No Win No Fee’ basis.  They Defendant’s insurers admitted liability for the accident and so Mrs Linford was able to refer her client to an independent medical expert.  The expert prepared a report which was paid for by the Defendants insurers.  The expert diagnosed Mrs Linford’s client as suffering from a whiplash injury to his neck with intermittent altered sensation to his forearms, as well as a soft tissue injury to his lower back which radiated down into his calves.  It was estimated that it would take approximately 10 months for him to fully recover, and that physiotherapy would help. 

On this basis Mrs Linford settled her client’s claim and he was awarded £2500 for his injuries, and £585 to pay for phsyio.  Mrs Linford’s fees were paid on top of this.