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£2,500 Compensation Paid To Passenger Involved In A Car Collision

A 51 year old housewife from Liverpool was injured in a multi car collision whilst travelling as a passenger in her husbands Skoda Octovia.  They were stationary behind a Citroen Berlingo and behind them was a Ford Focus.  Without warning a car collided with the rear of the Ford Focus, shunting it forward into the Skoda which in turn was shunted into the Cirtroen. 

As a result of the accident she suffered from a sprain to her upper back around to below her left breast with left arm tingling.  She approached John Bennett of in the hope of making a claim for compensation.  Mr Bennett was happy to act on a ‘No Win No Fee’ basis and secured an admission of liability from the Defendant’s insurers.  He referred his client to an independent medical expert who estimated that she would be fully recovered within 12 months of the accident.  On this basis Mr Bennett felt able to value the claim and secured his client £2500 in compensation.  All legal fees were then paid for by the Defendant’s insurers.