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£3,000 Compensation Paid To Passenger Involved In A Road Traffic Accident

A 20 year old nursery nurse from Oswaldtwistle was injured in a car accident whilst travelling in a vehicle being driven by her brother.  They were travelling along Little Blackburn Road in Accrington, close to Argos, when a car emerged from a side road and collided with their vehicle.  As a result of the accident she suffered from a number of injuries including an initial period of shock as well as anxiety whilst driving and travelling as a passenger.  The psychological symptoms were later estimated to last for 3-4 weeks.  She also suffered from a whiplash injury to her neck and left shoulder, bruising to her left ear and a soft tissue injury to her lower back.  It was estimated that these injuries should fully resolve within 20 months of the accident with the help of physiotherapy.

She approached Sara Linford with the intention of making a claim for compensation.  Mrs Linford was happy to accept the case and agreed to act on a ‘No Win No Fee’ basis.  The claim was a success and Mrs Linford secured her client £3,000 in compensation, plus her physiotherapy fees of £180 were paid on top of that.