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£3,500 Compensation Paid From Blackburn Hospital For Foot Injury

A 31 year old man from Burnley was awarded compensation after a negligent operation at the Royal Blackburn Hospital.  He had sustained an ankle fracture when he jumped out of a window when the house he was in caught fire.  He attended at the Royal Blackburn Hospital where the fracture was diagnosed and he underwent an operation to insert screws and plates.  He self discharged the next day.  He returned four days later as he was in pain.  He was told that he would have to come back the next day to the dressing clinic.  He failed to attend, though he did return again 2 weeks later with significant swelling his ankle and foot.  He had to return a week later for further screws and plates to be inserted. 

After the second operation he was sent to prison for an unrelated matter.  Upon his release 4 years later he returned to the hospital with metalwork protruding though the ankle joint and a significant infection.  He approached John Bennett in the hope of making a claim for compensation.  Mr Bennett was reluctant to act for him, due to his self discharge from the hospital and his failure to attend numerous appointments.  However, he did eventually agree to act and, with some degree of difficulty, secured his client £3,500 in compensation for medical negligence.  This was more than Mr Bennett had expected his client to receive.