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£3,772 awarded in compensation for Haslingden man after bus accident

A 79 year old retired solicitor from Haslingden was awarded £3,772 in compensation after an accident on a bus.

He had been travelling back from Manchester with his wife on the X41 double decker to Rising Bridge. The bus approached a right turn on the mini roundabout at the junction of Broadway and Helmshore Road at speed. The bus went over the hump of the roundabout with both wheels causing the bus to sway with such force that he was thrown from his seat. His right shoulder collided with the metal surround at the top of the stairs causing a significant soft tissue injury to his right shoulder.

He approached Chris Threlkled who was happy to act on a “No win, No fee” basis. After disproving the bus companies argument, Mr Threlkeld’s client was awarded £3,77.67 in compensation.