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£4,500 Compensation Awarded To 19 Year Old Student After Injuring Her Hand

A 19 year old student studying at the Leeds Metropolitan University was awarded compensation from the University after suffering a hand injury.  She had been to visit a friend in one of the flats at the student housing in Headingly.  The door of the flat was a heavy fire door, which closed loudly and at speed.  As she left the flat, she attempted to stop the door from slamming by putting her hand out.  Unfortunately, as she did this her hand slid into the hinge and she was unable to move her hand in time to avoid injury.  The hinge trapped her little finger and the tip of her ring finger on her left hand. 

As a result of this she suffered from a shortened little finger and the end of her ring finger is now numb.  She approached Leonie Millard who was happy to act on her behalf.  She secured an admission of liability from the University, although her client had to accept 25% of the blame as she had put her hand in the way of the door.  She was therefore awarded £4,500 in compensation.