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£6881 Compensation Paid To 25 Year Old After Cycling Accident

A 25 year old HGV mechanic from Nelson was injured whilst riding his bicycle on Eastern Avenue close to its junction with Widdow Hill in Burnley. 

He was cycling along Eastern Avenue when a car overtook him and cut across his path into Widdow Hill, throwing him from his bike.  He suffered a number of significant injuries including bruising and grazing to his right thigh and knee which resulted in a minor permanent scar, a laceration to his right forearm which also left him with a minor permanent scar, insomnia, travel anxiety, whiplash to his neck, as well as soft tissue injuries to his right shoulder, right wrist and upper back.  He approached John Bennett who took the case on a ‘No Win No Fee’ basis. 

Mr Bennett secured an admission of liability from the Defendant’s insurers and referred his client to an independent medical expert, who estimated that he would be fully recovered within 10 months of the accident.  On this basis the case was settled and Mr Bennett’s client was awarded £6881.51 in compensation.  The ‘No Win No Fee’ agreement meant that the Defendant’s insurers had to pay Mr Bennett’s legal fees.