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£9,000 Compensation Paid To B&Q Customer Who Injured Their Hand Whilst In Store

A 49 year old senior salesman from Lower Darwen was injured whilst shopping for a sink in B&Q, Blackburn.  He was with his wife when he saw some reduced priced sinks which were in open cardboard boxes.  He put his hands in a box to check that all the necessary pieces were there, and in doing so sliced his right thumb on a sharp piece of metal.  The wound was deep and he had to go to his local A&E department.  He required an operation to investigate the injury, and it was found that the tendon was undamaged but that the nerve had been cut, though thankfully not completely.  The wound was then stitched up and bandaged. 

As a result of the injury he suffered from a ripping, burning, electric shock type discomfort, as well as altered sensation to the nerve damage.  He approached Leonie Millard who agreed to act on a ‘No Win No Fee’ basis.  B&Q admitted that the injury was their fault and Mrs Millard’s client was referred to a medical expert who estimated that the nerve damage would be almost fully resolved within 2 years, apart from some occasional twinges.  On this basis, his claim was settled and he was awarded £9,000 in compensation.