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Accrington man awarded £2,000 in compensation after road traffic accident

A 49 year old man from Accrington was awarded £2,000 in compensation after he was injured in a road traffic accident on Colne Road.

He was driving along when suddenly a car driving in the opposite direction cut across his path causing an unavoidable collision. He was injured in the accident and so approached Sara Linford who agreed to act on a “No win, No fee” basis.

Sara Linford referred her client to be medically examined by an independent medical expert. He was diagnosed as suffering from a period of shock, which caused him to initially avoid driving and then caused him to be an anxious driver once his driving resumed. He also suffered whiplash injury to his neck which took 2 weeks to resolve, and a soft tissue injury to his lower back which it was estimated would take 6 months to resolve.

Sara Linford successfully secured her client £2,000 in compensation and her fees were paid on top due to the “No win, No fee” basis.