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Huncoat man awarded £62,355.20 following cycling accident

A 50 year old man from Huncoat was injured whilst riding his bicycle through the Ribble Valley. 

He was a keen cyclist and a member of a cycling group.  He was travelling at approximately 20mph along Waddington Road, in the direction of Clitheroe.  A tractor approached in the opposite direction.  A Vauxhall Corsa travelling behind the bicycle at approximately 60mph attempted to overtake the bike but had to pull back in suddenly due to the tractor.  In doing so, the wing mirror clipped the cyclist’s elbow and knocked him off his bike. 

The driver of the Vauxhall Corsa failed to stop. 

The cyclist attended A&E where he was diagnosed with a severe bony injury which required an operation to insert a plate and screws.  He was in a pot for 4 weeks and then underwent physiotherapy.  He was off work for a total of 22 weeks. 

He approached Leonie Millard to see whether he would be eligible to make a claim for compensation.  Although he was able to make a claim for compensation, as the driver of the Vauxhall Corsa had driven off without leaving their details, and they had not managed to obtain the registration number of the vehicle, the claim would have to be submitted to the Motor Insurers Bureau. 

Liability was admitted, helped by the fact that there had been two witnesses to the accident who had stopped to help the cyclist and had left their contact details should they be required.  An independent medical expert assessed the cyclist and provided a medical report which confirmed that he had suffered a soft tissue injury to his left shoulder and right hip which had recovered within approximately 12 months.  With regards to the elbow injury it was felt that the metal work should be removed as it was causing pains.  With regards to the future, he was now at a significant risk of developing osteoarthritis and the lack of movement meant that his job prospects were limited as he would struggle to undertake manual work, which would likely lead to a drop in his future earnings. 

After much negotiations with the MIB, the cyclist was awarded £62,355.20 which included compensation for his pain and suffering, his loss of earnings and the likely drop in his future earnings.