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Women receives £5,850 accident compensation being hit by car

A 67 year old retired woman from Clayton-le-Moors was injured whilst crossing Dill Hall Lane, at its junction with Whalley Road near the Greyhound Pub.  She had almost reached the other side when a car turned right into Dill Hall Lane, cutting the corner and striking the pedestrian, causing her to fall to the ground.

After speaking to John Bennett he confirmed that he would take her case on, on a No Win No Fee basis.  An admission of liability was obtained and Mr Bennett then instructed a medical expert to review his client and prepare a report, which Mr Bennett could then use to value the claim.  She was found to be suffering from an initial period shock with anxiety when crossing roads and sleep disturbance, bruising to her forearm and injury to her lower back and left hip which exacerbated pre-existing degenerative changes meaning the symptoms she suffered would have happened regardless of the accident, but due to the accident they occurred 1-2 years earlier than they would have. 

Mr Bennett therefore was able to settle his client’s claim and she was awarded £5,850 in compensation, and her legal fees were then paid on top of that.